RESUME Timeline

  • 2014
  • Software Engineer - FrontEnd @Virtusa

    ( Engineer - Specialist )

    November 2013 - Present

    Creating Reusable Full Stack Engineering Components with Front End/UI Engineering Aspect.. While fighting JS with SharePoint 2013 Environment.

  • 2013
  • Software Engineer - Asscociate @TechOneGlobal

    June 2013 - November 2013

    Specialized in User Interface Engineering and Frontend Engineering aspects with ASP.Net Development..

  • 2012
  • Junior Software Engineer @TheSoftLoop

    April 2012 - March 2013

    Responsive UI Engineering & UI Architect ,Backend: JAVA Programming , Enterprise Application Development, Web Development etc.

PROJECTS / Products

Below is a few of my projects/products i have done/ongooing. Feel free to visit them and give me feedback :)

  • BootHelper

    BootHelper v1.0

    Bootstrap Helper FrontEnd Framework

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  • Dalert

    DAlert v1.1

    DAlert is a simple jQuery and jQuery UI plugin that easily create a customizable alert (or confirm) window as a replacement for the native javascript alert and confirm methods.

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  • Dalert

    jQuery Sinhala DatePicker 1.0

    jQuery DatePicker Language Localization Extension

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  • Taylor Data Management : @Virtusa

    March 2014 - Present
  • UTC : @Virtusa

    March 2014 - Present

    United Technologies Corporation - CCS Blackjack Dashboard

  • Enadoc : @TechOneGlobal

    March 2014 - Present

    Go for a paperless, efficient document imaging system with Enadoc, We empower SMEs and large corporations to achieve productivity with our document imaging system built for enterprises. Learn more.

  • LidMIN - Advanced Backup System


    LidMIN - Is a backup system which has the ability to provide the best efficiency when it comes to the information backup. LidMIN provides its own cloud architecture to backup and restore data. LidMIN comes with a special UI which has the ability to compatible with all the latest devices by using Responsive UI Techniques. Overall, Its a system which makes the day to day backup tasks extra easy for its intended users.

  • CFC-EMP (Advanced Employee Management System)


    CFC-EMP is developed by J2EE as a Web Application and is a customized application which is developed for CFC (Ceylon Fisheries Cooperation) -(Sri Lankan Government) to improve the employee management tasks, recruitment tasks easily by using the software. I was playing the software engineer role and management of the project in the Development.

  • Pharmacy Management Software


    This application is developed by TheSoftLoop Software Development Team, And i was working as a developer and a project manager in the project. The application is capable of managing stocks and managing the payments for particular centers of the Pharmacy, The application has its own features and can be customized for better user experience.

  • AEMS (Automated Election Management System)


    AEMS is an Automated Election Management System, where the all the election functionalities are included. The Application is developed in J2EE environment.

  • PokerScramble


    The Poker Scramble is a GAME which has the combination of poker behaviors and Texas scrabble behaviors. Programmed the back-end and front-end Gaming environment With TheSoftLoop Team .

  • MicroFinance


    MicroFinance Application is developed by the Team of TheSoftLoop. I was undertaking the Back-End and Front-End software developments as well as project management.The application can be customized for the company requirements such as for microfinace related companies or banking services related companies.